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Welcome to Puppies Online, where finding fur-ever families is easier than ever!

Here’s how our platform works to help you showcase your breeding program and find the perfect homes for your puppies.

How it Works?

1. Easy Profile Setup

Creating a profile on Puppies Online is free and straightforward. We value transparency, so we've designed our site to allow you to add detailed information about your breeding program. Share your story, highlight your values, and upload beautiful photos to make your profile stand out.

2. Listing Puppies

Adding listings for your puppies is simple. You can list each puppy individually and create an available, upcoming or planned litter which individual puppy listings can be linked to. Basic listings are free, giving you the flexibility to reach potential buyers without any upfront cost.

3. Featured Listings

Want to boost visibility? Opt for our featured listings. For just $10 per puppy or $29 for a litter (up to 8 puppies), your listings will get prime placement on our site, attracting more attention and increasing your chances of finding the perfect fur-ever homes.

4. Connect with Buyers

Once your listings are live, interested buyers can contact you directly through our secure messaging system. This allows you to communicate safely and efficiently, answering any questions and arranging meet-ups or transport.

5. Secure and Trustworthy

At Puppies Online, we prioritize security and trust. Our platform uses advanced verification processes to ensure that every interaction is safe and reliable. This gives both breeders and buyers peace of mind.

What Does It Cost?

Profile Creation:


Basic Listings:


Featured Listings:

$10 per puppy
$29 for a litter (up to 8 puppies)

Why Do I Need to Verify My ID?

To protect breeders from imposters and buyers from scams, we use Australia Post's Digital ID verification system. This secure process ensures that only verified breeders can advertise on our site, providing peace of mind to all parties involved. Learn more about Australia Post Digital ID. Learn more here.


Simply sign up on Puppies Online and follow the prompts to set up your breeder profile. Next, go to breeder settings and add your transport options, health and behavior info and images to your gallery to display on your profile. You can also add custom questions to our standard application form. If you need help with this, please email us at hello@puppiesonline.com.au and the team will be in touch to assist.

Yes, you can list each puppy individually. You can also advertise planned or upcoming litters and link your individual puppy listings to a litter.

For $10 per puppy or $29 for a litter, your listings get prime placement on our site, increasing visibility.

Yes, ID verification is required to ensure the safety and trustworthiness of our platform. It prevents identity theft for breeders meaning people can’t sign up pretending to be you and connect with buyers to scam them, protecting both breeders and buyers on the platform. We incur the cost of verifying your ID through Australia Post Digital ID Verification Service. Learn more here.