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Labradoodles are friendly, intelligent, and social. Their intelligence makes them quick learners, and their beautiful nature makes them suitable as therapy and assistance dogs. They love the indoors and also out doors. They are low shedding making them hypoallergenic and ideal for all kinds of families. They get along with any age group, the young and the old. Mum is a gorgeous Gold Mini Labradoodle weighing 12kgsDad is a Mini Red Poodle that weighs 8.5kgs, DNA tested with excellent results to ensure high quality puppies are produced. Both mum amd dad have beautiful temperaments and everyone falls in love with them when they first meet. ✅️ Vaccinated ✅️ Microchipped ✅️ Vaccinated ✅️ Vet Checked ✅️ Toilet Trained We are Registered breeders with ADBC #2466 and RSPCA approved BIN No. B001084647