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5 things to consider when assessing a breeder to buy a dog

2023-10-26 Posted by Puppies Online
Puppies Online exists to help buyers easily find and connect with the best breeders in Australia. Although we take most of the leg work out of finding the right breeder for you, it’s still important to understand what makes a good breeder. 

We’ve identified some of the basics to consider when starting your search for a new puppy. 

  1. Reputation: The first indicator of the quality of a breeder will be reviews from people who have bought a dog from them in the past. A good breeder should have no problem with providing reviews and references of previous happy owners. If this info isn’t readily available, don’t be shy to ask them for it. 
  2. Health and genetic testing: Ethical breeders will conduct the relevant health tests for their breeding dogs based on the type of breed they have, and will share these results along with a health guarantee. Most good breeders will also conduct DNA / Genetic testing on their breeding dogs to ensure they’re free from any genetic disorders. 
  3. Facility: We hear so many stories of breeders appearing to be ethical when in fact they’re hiding that the living conditions are less than ideal for their dogs. While Puppies Online ensures all breeders on our platform adhere to our minimum standards, it’s worth you asking the breeder for a tour (or virtual tour at least) of their facility to check that it’s clean, has plenty of space, sufficient clean/comfy bedding, an escape from extreme heat/cold and PLENTY of access to water. 
  4. Parentage: It’s reasonable to request from a breeder as much information as possible about the parentage of the puppies to get a clear idea of things such as the expected size, temperament or any health related considerations. 
  5. Support: Ongoing support is essential for all new puppy parents. Owning a puppy is no small task and will present many challenges, particularly in the first few years. Most good breeders will offer some kind of ongoing support to new owners around things such as training, feeding and veterinary care to help get you through. Most reputable breeders will want to get to know their buyers well before agreeing to sell you a puppy and wil be more than happy to provide you with ongoing support as needed. 
Essentially, it all comes down to doing the right research before you make the commitment to buy a puppy from a particular breeder. The above are great starting points, but it’s important to do as much of your own research as possible to ensure you cover all bases when assessing potential breeders. 

If you’re still finding it hard to make a decision on the right breeder for you, Puppies Online has taken the time to ensure we only work with the best breeders in Australia that pass our strict ethical criteria. 

If you’re in need of some help finding or connecting with the right breeder for you, send us an email at hello@puppiesonline.com.au or send us a message through the contact form.