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5 Things To Consider When Buying a Puppy

2023-10-26 Posted by Puppies Online

Adding a puppy to your family is a big decision that requires a lot of consideration. We’ve prepared a list of five things to keep in mind when starting your search for a puppy. 

  1. Reputable breeder: Puppies Online #1 consideration, finding the right breeder! It’s super important that you do your research and find a breeder who puts the dogs health and welfare first.Be sure the puppy you’re considering isn’t from a puppy farm, and even be careful with some pet stores, as these dogs can often be inbred and raised in poor conditions. Where possible, look for breeders who are members of national organisations, such as the Australian National Kennel Council, and who are willing to provide references, health records and allow you to visit their facilities.
  2. Breeds: Different breeds have different characteristics and needs. Some breeds, like the Kelpie, are high energy and need a lot of exercise and training, while others, like the Bulldog, are more laid back and don't require as much activity. It’s important to make sure you research the breeds you're interested in and choose one that’s going to be a good fit for both your living situation and lifestyle. You can find information such as energy and shedding levels on the breed profiles on Puppies Online
  3. Health concerns: Often breeds are prone to certain health issues, for example - hip dysplasia in German Shepherds. You can ask the breeder about any health concerns that specifically relate to the breed that you’re considering and ask to see the puppy's or the parent breeding dog’s health records.
  4. Training and socialisation: All puppies require a HUGE amount of time, patience and effort for training and socialisation. If you’re considering buying a puppy you absolutely need to be sure you're prepared to provide the necessary time and effort to properly train and socialise your new puppy. Puppy school is a great option to get started as both puppy and owner learn new skills to help with training and socialisation. 
  5. Cost: Buying a puppy is a very significant financial commitment, not just initially when you purchase the dog, but ongoing for the duration of their life. Some ongoing expenses include food, veterinary care, grooming, (boarding/care if you travel) and training. It’s important to make sure you budget accordingly for these costs and make sure you're fully prepared to provide for your new puppy's needs.

buying a puppy is a big decision and a huge commitment that requires very careful consideration. Make sure you consider all of the above points before making that decision, and talk to as many dog owners as you can to get the best understanding possible of what it means to own and care for a dog. 

When you’re ready to make the commitment, Puppies Online ensures all breeders on the platform adhere to a strict Code of Conduct considering all of the above points, making it easy to connect with breeders who put the dogs' health and welfare first!