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Things I should consider if I am breeding dogs to ensure I am adhering to ethical standards

2023-10-26 Posted by Puppies Online
If you’re operating a breeding facility, it’s important to consider ethical standards to ensure the health and welfare of the dogs involved. Here are a few things that the Puppies Online ethical breeder Code of Ethics touches on, and is a good base to consider if you’re breeding dogs in any capacity. 

Health: Before breeding any dog, it is important to ensure that they are in good health. This includes conducting the relevant health tests for the specific breed (each breed has recommended health tests), getting them checked by a veterinarian and also having them tested for genetic diseases that are common in their breed.

Temperament and socialisation:  All breeding dogs should have a stable temperament. They should be well socialised with children and other animals. It is highly recommended to not breed dogs that are aggressive or have other behavioural problems.

Finding good homes: It’s the responsibility of the breeder to asses suitability of a new owner for their puppies by making sure the buyer understands the commitment and responsibility of owning a dog. This can be done by ensuring all potential new puppy owners complete an application and checking that their responses are consistent with their minimum standards. Puppies Online helps with this by offering a free standard application form that is mandatory for all potential new owners to complete when applying with our breeders. 

Responsible breeding: It’s important to only breed dogs that are of good quality and have the potential to improve the breed. Breeders can use products such as Orivet to determine the quality of their breeding dogs. Do not inbreed or linebreed, as this can lead to ongoing genetic defects and health problems.

Spaying and neutering: Breeders should consider spaying or neutering dogs that will not be used for breeding to prevent accidental litters and to control the population of stray/rescue dogs.

Proper care and breeding environment: All breeding dogs should be provided with proper care. This includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, the appropriate health testing and veterinary care. They should also be kept in a clean and safe environment, with warm dry bedding and access to plenty of water at all times. 

Retirement and rehoming: Breeders must consider the life of their breeding dogs. When they’re no longer able to breed or have passed their prime age, breeders need to be sure to provide for their retirement or consider rehoming them to a loving family.

If you currently breed dogs or are considering getting into breeding, it’s important that you adhere to these ethical standards to ensure the dogs you breed will be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. In addition to this, by being a responsible breeder, you will contribute to the quality of the breed and ensure that all puppies are places in loving homes with well equipped and well educated owners. Puppies Online offers many free resources to help you ensure you meet a high standards of ethics with your practice. If you would like more information on becoming a partner breeder get in touch at hello@puppiesonline.com.au or use the form below.